Home / collections / breast cancer study finds bone drug helps fight breast cancer december 12, 2008 | marilynn marchione, associated press san antonio - new research adds fresh hope that a drug that strengthens bones might also fight breast cancer. Women who were given the drug, zometa, as part of their initial treatment had greater tumor shrinkage and were less likely to need radical surgery, according to a preliminary study reported yesterday at a cancer conference in texas. viagra 100 mg canada In june, doctors were stunned when a big study found that zometa - given to prevent bone loss caused by certain cancer treatments - also greatly cut the risk that cancer would recur in women who developed the disease before menopause. viagra for sale Cancer specialists are eagerly awaiting the final results of a second, ongoing study testing zometa in 3,360 women who had breast cancer after menopause - a much more common situation. Its leaders gave a mini-report yesterday on 205 participants who had chemotherapy to try to shrink their tumors before surgery. generic viagra Those given infusions of zometa along with chemotherapy had a third more tumor shrinkage and as a result, were less likely to need their whole breast removed versus just the lump, said study leader dr. can buy viagra england Robert coleman of the university of sheffield in england. price for viagra in uk Eleven percent of zometa takers had a complete response to treatment - no evidence of cancer in their breasts or lymph nodes - versus 6 percent of women given chemo alone. generic viagra without prescription Partial studies like this are not enough to change practice, but these results are surprising and deserve further testing, said dr. viagra pills Eric winer of the dana-farber cancer center. viagra cost Such significant benefits from the bone drug before surgery "is not something i would have expected," he said. is viagra better than viagra or viagra Reader comments â» view reader comments â»   comment on this story â» advertisement more like this » bone drug is found unable to stop cancer december 10, 2010 cancer study excites doctors june 1, 2008 ‘micro tumors’ rise on the risk scale august 13, 2009 find more stories about » breast cancer nodes advertisement © 2012 ny times co. where is viagra available over the counter Your ad choices | privacy policy | contact boston. Com | index by date | index by keyword. Kidney disease coronary artery disease skin cancer melanoma myocardial infarction copd multiple sclerosis malaria schizophrenia ptsd leukemia rheumatoid arthritis full list » latest news week's top other news spotlight news news w/ video podcasts unread news frontpage » tag » bone marrow transplant sort by: date 6 hours 12 hours 1 day 3 days all rank last day 1 week 1 month all liverank last day 1. viagra without prescription This site requires flash.

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